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Puerto Banus again have the Saudi Royal super yachts in the Port Lady Haya Shaf

Puerto Banus again have the Saudi Royal super yachts in the Port Lady Haya & Shaf
By Stefan Katafai Marbella Spain,

Lifestyle August 16, 2009
The Saudi Royal family always show up in big numbers in Marbella and Puerto Banus in July and August.But did you know the Saudis own 18% of the World´s top 100 Largest Super Yachts!


( August 16, 2009 --
Should you be visiting the World famous port Puerto Banus and walk past the port office´s watch tower, you will no doubt ask who own the 2 largest yachts in the port.

Lady Haya is 65 meters,designed by super star designer Terence Disdale and althought the super yacht is from 1981, it looks like a brand new yacht.The yacht is often refitted and the ship looks absolutely faboulus.At the moment you can see the royals and their friends sitting on the top deck almost every evening.The police are everywhere in and around the port.The enormous amount off wealth on display amounts to approximately €40-45million for Lady Haya And approximately 10 million for the smaller and older Shaf, both are owned by HRH Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud and his brothers.
They also own Prince Abul Aziz, which at 147 meters values at appoximately €50million and is to long to enter the port in Puerto Banus.But have been seen on several times in the Bay of Marbella.

Other Saudi owned super yachts include Al Salamah


The impressive Lady Moura

Il Vagabondo_Again


The new Nourah of Riyad

HRH Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud yacht Kingdom 5KR which is based in Antibes France

Recently bought Delma

Beautiful Sarafsa

Golden Odyssey from 1984

Al Diriya
h from 1960

The 78meter Montkaj

Read more and see photos of Prince Abul Aziz here

Read more and see photos of Lady Haya here

78 meter recently refitted and extended Tueq

Read more and see photos of Lady Haya here

And finally the Khozam from 1975 its 77meters.

The 18 yachts above are all amoung the top 100 world´s largest super yachts.

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